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Why seven/fifty?

The 7/50 formula is the general procedure for amending Canada’s Constitution, telling us that, unless otherwise specified, constitutional changes require the consent of the federal Parliament and 7 provinces representing 50% of the population of all provinces combined.


While this formula hasn’t been used in 40 years, its existence reminds us that the Constitution is an unfinished project that can be tailored to meet new challenges and address new realities. It also reminds us that the Constitution is a collaborative project — a project that depends on the consent of a multitude of institutional actors rather than a single sovereign voice.


The 7/50 blog aims to approach the study of Canadian constitutional law in this spirit, as a collaborative, ongoing dialogue over how we govern ourselves. It invites contributions from scholars, lawyers, and others on current constitutional doctrine, and on future constitutional possibilities. In this sense, it is not just a law blog, but a blog that welcomes any contribution — from any disciplinary vantage point — that reflects on the Canadian constitutional project.

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